Google Chrome, Facebook and NVDA



I've tried Chrome many times and I use it for some specifyc tasks, for example, to cast videos, but usually I don't lyke it becouse... well, becouse I prefer Firefox and when I tried Chrome for the first time the accessibility of it was in a early state and for example large tables worked too bad... but well, it is the past.

However, considering the new state of things with Firefox, I opened Chrome to see how it is working now in Webs that I usually use... all is fine in that uses a large table... well... NVDA detects some tables that firefox doesn't detect, tables that are unuseful, but well, was not a bad start... but something different happened with Facebook, where I was not able to upload more than two news items to the feed. I tried with j and k, which are the keys indicated in the accessibility help of Facebook but nothing happened, I tried other tricks that usually give me good results in Firefox or IE, but nothing happened, we could sum it up in that it was a total failure. So, any maner to use Facebook or similar Webs with results similar to the result I get in Firefox? ok, I know we have m.facebook, but the last time that I used that site it had less features than the regular site, something similar to gmail standard V/S basic HTML, and well, Facebook is an example, I use other complex sites.

I'm runing NVDA next,, Chrome in the dev chanel, under Windows 7 pro.



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