strange issue with heading reporting

Brian Moore

Hi all. got a really perplexing problem.

a web page is reporting headings which don't exist.

I thought that there might be an <h2> tag on this page which wasn't closed but I can't find it.

here is the URL curious if anyone else has seen anything similar?!ut/p/b0/FYo7CgIxFADPsgdw39d87BYbLcRSk0ZSaAjsvhUUvb5xqhkYyHCFbOXTanm31crcO7247U7nw7THztEeK1wgQ56LVUh3-_utFkg8UiBVFfYjbWMURnHUFSNRFMUNefHeccA-qBCSOFR4Lkv4TsPwA_J1HNY!/

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