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Tony James <megatronjames@...>

Hi, the first time I was trying to use the search field which is invoked by using control plus K, then i tried using control shift f, with quick filter turned off.  I could not get any such results to come up when using control shift F.  My copy of Thunderbird just updated to whatever latest version is 52. Something.

From: <> on behalf of John Isige <gwynn@...>
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 9:18:02 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] searching in thunderbird
Just out of curiosity, what steps did you take to search? I just turned
on quick filter from view/toolbars to experiment. I typed something into
the filter edit box and tabbed to my inbox, and I was told eleven
messages were filtered. It worked just like any other list of messages,
I could arrow through them, hit enter to open them, and so on. It also
seems to be faster than searching with ctrl-shift-f, although I'm not
sure what it's filtering on, so maybe it just defaults to something
faster like a subject search. I turned it off and got my full list of
messages back. I assume clearing the edit field would accomplish the
same thing though, if you search enough that you think leaving quick
filter on might be useful.

So even with quick filter, I'm not seeing what you're describing at all.
What version of Thunderbird are you using, and what did you do to
search? I'm curious to see if I can reproduce this, because I've never
seen anything like it before.

On 10/27/2017 16:38, Tony James wrote:
> Ok maybe I should turn off the quick filter to.  Maybe that’s my problem.
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> *From:* <> on behalf of John
> Isige <gwynn@...>
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> *Subject:* Re: [nvda] searching in thunderbird
> I'm running Thunderbird 52.4.0 and search works like it always has. For
> example, if I search subject: for Firefox in this nvda folder, I get
> five matches. Tabbing to the list gives me the usual list, hitting enter
> on a message opens it. I got to all of this by hitting ctrl-shift-f. I
> have the quick filter thingy turned off.
> On 10/27/2017 5:08, Tony James wrote:
> > Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to search through my emails using
> > the latest version of Thunderbird?  I'm able to find the search box
> > and perform a search, but can't figure out how to manage the results.
> > tb insists on breaking the results down according to sender, but I
> > wonder if there's a way to have it show all search results in a simple
> > list view so i can operate on them in bulk. when i click on a sender
> > after doing a search, the screen that comes up doesn't seem to b read
> > by nvda.  all it tells me is section, section, section. any ideas?  thx
> >
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