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Robert Mendoza

Hi, David

I often use the Edge but for the sake of testing the navigation with the nvda 2017.3 in such particular site like youtube. I heard repeatedly reading such button like when I press the Tab and the focus is in Pause or to play, etc. Also, into the edit fields as well. In the other note, I have no problem in terms of speed where in fact I am very impress with the Edge to load. However, my question is that how do you come across to set it up this correctly in the nvda.

Robert Mendoza
On 10/28/2017 3:40 PM, David Moore wrote:

Hi all!

Edge is almost my daily browser.

With NVDA, it is very snappy for me, and I can navigate complex web pages, just like with Chrome.

I can play videos, use sites like, stream TV in Edge, and on and on!

Edge is my browser 80 percent of the time with NVDA.

JAWS is another story, but the latest NVDA and Windows 10 1709, fall Creators work very well with Edge.

I would give Edge with NVDA a B + at least!

David Moore

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From: Hareth
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I'd say its not bad and its usable for a point.

but its not my daily browser.


On 10/28/17, Chris Shook <chris0309@...> wrote:

> Thanks Hareth, this will make things a lot easier.

> As an aside, how useable is edge at the moment.

> Chris





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