Re: strange issue with heading reporting

Michal Rada

Hi, unfortunatelly, there is stupid unvalidance of code, there is sadly truelly some H2 and H4 headings that isnt closed properly. Best way is contacting developers, who must recode this and test it with some validator :-)


Dne 27.10.2017 v 20:02 Brian Moore napsal(a):

Hi all.  got a really perplexing problem.

a web page is reporting headings which don't exist.

I thought that there might be an <h2> tag on this page which wasn't closed but I can't find it.

here is the URL  curious if anyone else has seen anything similar?!ut/p/b0/FYo7CgIxFADPsgdw39d87BYbLcRSk0ZSaAjsvhUUvb5xqhkYyHCFbOXTanm31crcO7247U7nw7THztEeK1wgQ56LVUh3-_utFkg8UiBVFfYjbWMURnHUFSNRFMUNefHeccA-qBCSOFR4Lkv4TsPwA_J1HNY!/

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