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Karim Lakhani <karim.lakhani@...>

the MS. programs are a joke.
They wait until the screen readers catch up to technology, and
then decide to make things as sighted friendly they can.
I'm not sure how Apple can produce accessibility and MS. is still
Did they have a beta tester on the team who used NVDA with Edge?
I'm OK, using old programs because I don't have the desire to
keep trying to stay up there with the latest and best.
good luck!
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Another case of reinventing a wheel that works for one based on
non rolling wheels. Baby and bathwater proverbs come to mind.
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There is no menu bar in Edge. I know, for many of you, this is a
shocker, as
many of you are used to such things on web browsers. In reality,
there is a
"menu bar", but it is housed in a menu (quite similar to Google
Chrome). To
get there, press Alt+X.

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Hi Group,

I normally use Firefox for my default browser. Because of the
about Edge, I tried it and it seems to have some promise. Someone
just sent
a bunch of shortcut keys on this list and many are the same as in
I do have a few questions.

The biggest question is: are there any menus where in you can
customize Edge
such as there are in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer? I
did see the
one shortcut alt + S that is supposed to open the settings
window. I tried
this and nothing happened. Is there some setting that I must
change to get
menus to work?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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