Re: NVDA saying roman numeral numbers

Roger Stewart

Isn't very interesting that I see everywhere, including the NVDA help files, that using regular expressions is beyond the scope of this, but it is easy to learn about them but they never tell you where to find a good tutorial about them!


On 10/29/2017 6:25 PM, Gene wrote:

You could put them in the speech dictionary but you have to know how to limit them to only the context of numbers.  If you do it incorrectly, when you spell something such as the word I've, using spell current word, you'd hear something like one tic four.  I played around with roman numerals in the speech dictionary but I didn't know how to set the context.  I think you might have to use regular expressions and that's an area I know nothing about.
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA saying roman numeral numbers

Hi, everyone,


I'm asking this question for someone on another list. How do you get NVDA to say roman numeral numbers?


Thanks for your help in advance.





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