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Joseph, if we mention this on social media, should we just list the main NVDA website ?
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Hi Joseph

I am not a translator but just went searching for the page which i just found.

I could on my nvda related pages put a short blurb about the page and point maybe new translators to the page.
In like a summary of it.

I am willing to put it on my website so more people would be aware of which ones may need updating etc etc.
I can do it for all 10 pages.

I guess at least pointing them in the right direction is a start if they go down that road.

Gene nz
On 10/30/2017 3:59 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

For resident translators: please pass this onto your language communities.
Dear NVDA community:
I’m Joseph Lee, a code contributor to NVDA screen reader and one of its translators. I’d like to take a moment to talk about a situation that’ll require huge coordination between many members of this community: current state of NVDA translations.
One of the reasons why NVDA is so successful is because of work of committed translators. Without their help, NVDA would not have been translated into 52 languages (including our newest family member, Macedonian). Some of us met NVDA because there was somebody (or a group of people) who kept thinking about bringing NVDA to our languages, and some of us became prominent members of the NVDA community through our translation work. For people like me, we forged bonds with NVDA through translations, uniting together to bring equal access to technology despite speaking different tongues and dialects.
But just as we’ve made progress in tearing down the linguistic wall, lately we translators found ourselves asking, “what can we do better”. With departure of two long-time translation leaders (one in 2014, the other this year), it became clear that we needed to think about where we are now, what problems we’re facing, and what we can do to continue our march toward equal access to technology across languages. Specifically, after some translators experienced issues with the translation workflow for a couple of weeks and after going through commit logs for various languages, we realized that we began to neglect the very people we are supposed to serve: users and the entire NVDA community, and we needed to seek help from the community in helping us get back on track.
The issues we the translators encountered include the following:

* Commitment: we’ve received letters from some people, telling us that they’re willing to translate NVDA into their languages. Some of them did show commitment, while we never heard from some again or haven’t seen what they’re doing. In case of one language, this person thought a person with limited computer skill can translate a screen reader, but the process overwhelmed this person.
* Lack of updates: several languages (such as Catalonian, Nepali, Afrikaans and what not) weren’t updated in years (in case of Nepali, the translator passed away a few years ago). The translations community tried to contact maintainers of these languages to no avail, even so far as creating a wiki page that lists update status for each language.
Thus, on behalf of the translations group, I’d like to request help from the entire NVDA community in resolving translation problems so we can get back on track. Specifically, I would like to call for help for the following:

* Updating neglected languages: the neglected languages are Afrikaans, Amharic, Catalonian, Icelandic, Nepali, Punjabi and others. Please help update these languages.
* New languages: if you do have the necessary skill to translate NVDA’s user interface and documentation into another language, please do help us spread equal access to technology to more parts of the world through new localizations.
* Spread the word about translations: just as new and updated languages are important, talking about translations is also important. Please do spread the word about NVDA translations around the world.
A personal plea to translators or would-be translators: I want you to take a moment to think about the following: we should not translate NVDA and related materials for fun alone; if we translate NVDA just because it is fund to do so and we think it is an easy process, then our work is nothing. However, if we think our translation benefits not only us but also the entire NVDA community (current and would-be members), and if we’re willing to put our commitment and effort into it, then our work would be better than finest gold out there. I personally hope that, by NVDA 2018.3, the NVDA translation work will thrive to a point where people will volunteer to add new translations and/or update translations instead of us looking for maintainers of neglected translations. We need to get back on track and cannot let our translation work stay in vain anymore, and this time, we do need to work with the entire NVDA community to improve our situation.
To the entire NVDA community: NVDA translations is what makes NVDA go global, and this work is just as important as promoting NVDA around the world. Many people around the world can’t speak English, French, Chinese, Spanish and other world languages, and for many, they’re looking for a highway that’ll let them experience the world outside; that highway, for blind people, is computers, and for many of them, a screen reader that SPEAKS their own language. Please help translators get back on track, because without YOUR help, we can do nothing. By the time NVDA 2018.3 is released, I hope to hear a “thank you” note from translators, which is way different from the statements from above. In other words, the fate of NVDA translations depends not only on translators, but also on you all.
Thank you.
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