skype has gone bad



Well I just decided to update skype for windows desktops.

It sadly appears that skype the new skype sadly is not even closed to accessible.

Buttons for contacts and messages appear ok but over that there is a lot of clickable, clickable, clickables.

The settings tab was completely inaccessible though I was able to set it up just fine.

I really hope ms is going to keep skype classic, you can get round this right now by typing skype setup full in google and it will find you the old one but how long this will stay out is anyone's guess.

I can't even get the right click menu in system tray to work.

If anything else all I really want is ms to keep skype classic available for those that want it, they don't need to do anything to it, I'd prefur a simple classic skype for us blind people but failing that if skype stays as it is well.

I just can't loose skype all my business and other stuff goes through it.

Its not an option, but if skype becomes crap, I may have to use an old version or even just no longer use skype because its crap now!

No, I can't even do that, the new interface I just can't get round it, I have been happily able to reinstall skype classic and update it with the latest classic version.

You need to look for the classic version now.

This is not on.

And it appears the new app won't run on the latest win10 which itself is fine but to be honest the classic skype is really accessible.

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