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I had a Boot Camp Windows 7 installation on my Mac. It's actually still there. But I had some issues. Anyway, I didn't want to do fusion, because I had heard a lot about audio problems and keyboard mapping problems. I really thought if I hung on long enough, the issues I had would be solved. Are used a Mac since snow leopard. Now, I'm about done. So I will be checking into signature addition machines, even though they seem ungodly expensive and a bit more than I need in terms of horse power extra graphics etc. at least there are decent free alternative screen readers now, something that wasn't true in the past. Having been on the wrong screen reader horse numerous times, from window vision to window bridge to window eyes, I absolutely refuse to keep going down the rabbit hole of the page screenwriter but never keeps up anyway.
If anybody has any PC advice, please write me off list, since I know this is wildly off-topic.

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I perfectly understand why you might need to move into a Windows environment  from the Mac. I had to make much the same journey myself because productivity stuff was too difficult on the Mac.  The good news is that Windows has improved for free access with improved support for NVDA and Narrator.  In an ideal world it is good to have both machines but if money is an issue I just wondered why you have not gone either the VMWare Fusion  or Boot Camp route to using Windows on a Mac?

Just a suggestion – it might save you the cost of new laptop.

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From: Mary Otten
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Does NVDA work with sapi 5 voices? Is it hard to get going? This would be on windows 10. I'm not sure if that was still work under windows 10. Still don't have a Windows 10 machine, but I'm just about to the point of buying one, since the d" Mac just isn't doing what I needed to do. But that's another thread not for this list.




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