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NVDA requires an instalation of windows.  There are several ways to install windows on a mac.  The two most common are to use the bootcamp system which apple supplies free for this very purpose, or to purchase and install VMware fusion.  I want to run linux on my mac as well as windows and I enjoy the high level of integration offered by fusion.  Thus, the expense has been worth it for me.

In order to make the most of NVDA on a mac, you will want to disable the expos`e keys and the launchpad keys.  You will also wish to install karabiner keyboard manager on your mac so that you can add the number pad functionality to the mac keyboard for use with NVDA as well  as pass through the caps lock key to windows so that NVDA can use it as a modifier.

I have abandoned all commercial windows screen reading products in favour of NVDA for the limitted times when I need to use windows.  It works very well.


Erik Burggraaf

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Hi list
While talking to someone regarding the use of NVDA, the question cam up whether NVDA would function with Apple Macintosh. I have my doubts, but no reason for it, probably just very little outside the Apple family works with Macintosh.
Please inform me?
Christo Vorster (also from South Africa)

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