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Firefox has the same feature.  Chrome has an add on but when I tried it many months ago, it appeared to be inaccessible.  Whatever the case, does Edge have anything of benefit or interest to blind users that one or more other browsers don't have? 

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Hi all!

I did email the Edge tutorial to the list.

It is a text tutorial, where I take you completely through Edge.

The reading mode in edge is so important.

CTRL+Shift+R turns Edge into a text reader only, and the rest of the web page is left out if you only want to read the text. This is huge!

Here is my text tutorial for using the Edge browser pasted right below.

Tutorial for Using Microsoft Edge


David Moore

I am using the latest public build of Windows 10 Creators update.

If you are using anything different than that, you might get different results.

When you can press spacebar or enter, I will list them both.

If I only list enter, that means that you can only use enter.

If I only list Spacebar, that means that you can only press spacebar to toggle something, for example.

I have a list of all key commands for Edge at the end of this tutorial. Through the tutorial, I will point out many key commands as well, as I go.


Section Number One

Opening the Edge Browser:

Press the Windows key or CTRL+Escape, to open the start area. Next, type Edge and enter when Narrator announces it.

Press enter, and the Edge browser should open.


Section Number Two

Opening the Freedom Scientific Web Site:

I pressed CTRL+L (alt+D works as well) and entered:

That is the site for Freedom Scientific.

The web site came up very quickly.

I can use all navigation keys, like H for heading, C for Combo Box, E for edit area, , for example, just like other browsers, and they all work.

Section Three

Pressing alt+X to get a large Virticle Menu:

Now, I will now press ALT+X to open the settings and more menu! This is to the right of the address bar, but Alt+X opens this same menu. We have a lot in this virticle menu.a large virticle menu of choices. When I down arrow, I here the following:

New Window (CTRL+N), New InPrivate Window (CTRL+SHIFT+P), Zoom out, Zoom in, Cast media to device, Find on page, Print, Pin this page to Start, F12 Developer Tools, Open with Internet Explorer, Send feedback, Extensions, What's new and Tips, and finally, Settings. Extensions and Settings are the main two choices we are interested in with this menu. Key commands will do the rest.

Next, I will talk about settings.

Section Four:

Navigating settings and Advance settings:

Press alt+X again, and up arrow once to settings, because that is the last choice.

Press enter on settings.

You will hear:

Choose a Theme light.

Don't worry about that!

Tab once, and you will hear:

Open Microsoft Edge with a page or set of pages combo box.

This is how you choose how you want Microsoft Edge to open.

I have mine set to a specific page or pages.

Now, Tab again, and you have an edit field where you can type in your pages that you want opened When Microsoft Edge is launched.

I just entered:

Therefore, when I start Edge, the Google home page opens for me.

Tabbing again:

I hear delete button, where you can press spacebar or enter to delete your page or pages.

Tabbing again, I hear Add Button, where you can press spacebar or enter and add another page that you want to open when Edge is started.

Tabbing again, I hear:

Open new tabs with combo box.

I have this set to a blank page.

Tab again, and you will hear:

Import from another browser button.

You can press spacebar or enter here to import all favorites and settings from other browsers you use, like IE 11 or Chrome, or Firefox.

Tab again, and you will hear:

Show the favorites bar toggle.

I have this unchecked, because I do not want everyone to see my favorites on a bar right on the Edge Window. Press spacebar to check or uncheck..

Tab again, and you hear:

Choose what to clear.

If you press spacebar on this, you can tab and check or uncheck what is cleared when you delete your history. You can also choose whether this should be cleared every time you close the Edge browser.

Tab, and you will either hear Account Settings or your MSA account link, depending on your account setting.

Tabbing again, I hear:

Sync your favorites and reading list unchecked.

You definitely want to check this by pressing spacebar, so all of your Edge data will be synced between all of your devices. If you do not want this, then uncheck it with spacebar.

Tab again, and you hear:

Sync device settings link.

Tab again, and you hear:

View Advanced settings button.

This is important, and I will cover that in a bit.

Tab again, and you hear:

Terms of use link.

Tab again, and you hear:

Privacy statement link.

Tab again, and you hear:

Pin this pane button.

Tab again, and you hear:

Change my default button.

We are back to the beginning of settings. Now, let us go through the advanced settings.

Next, press Alt+X, and up arrow once to settings, and press enter. Now, Shift tab to Advanced settings, since that was almost at the end of what we tabbed through. Go ahead and enter on the advanced settings. There is a lot you can customise here.  Let’s tab through this menu.

Press enter on Advanced Settings, and you hear:

Show the home button toggle.

I have this pressed, by using spacebar, because I want my home page to show in the Edge Window!

Tab again, and you hear:

A specific page collapsed. This is what I want.

Tab again, and there is an edit field to put the URL of what you want your home page to be.

I want my home page to be the same page is my start page, so I just enter:

to be my home page.


is my start page and my home page.

To go back to your home page from anywhere, just press:


Tab again, and you hear:

Save Button.

Press spacebar or enter on this to save your home page.

You now hear:

block pop-ups toggle.

I have mine unchecked, by using the spacebar, because I want pages to come up, that are considered pop-ups.

However, to keep safe, you should probably have that checked, so Edge will indeed block pop-ups.

This is up to you.

Tab again, and you hear:

Use Adobe Flash Player.

I have this checked, with the spacebar, because a lot of web sites still need Adobe flash to play videos and the like.

Tab again, and you hear:

Open sites in apps.

I have this checked with spacebar.

Tab again, and you hear:

Choose which sites open in apps button.

I have this checked. Next, Choose which sites open in apps.  This will launch the Settings app where you can customize whether to open certain web site in an app or in the browser.

Tab again, and you hear:

Change button.

I hear change button, you can use this to change where to save downloaded files to.

Tab again, and you hear:

Ask me what to do with each download toggle.

I have that checked, with spacebar, because when I download something, I want it to ask me if I want to save or open and so on.

Tab again, and you hear:

Open Proxy settings button.

I left this alone.

Tab again, and you hear:

Manage button.

I left this alone.

Tab again, and you hear:

Learn more link.

Tab again, and you hear:

Offer to save passwords toggle.

I checked this, with spacebar, so I can have a password saved if I want.

Tab again, and you hear:

Manage Passwords button.

I left this alone.

Tab again, and you hear:

Save form entries toggle.

I have this checked with spacebar.

Tab again, and you hear:

Send do not track requests toggle.

I have this unchecked with spacebar.

Tab again, and you hear:

Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge.

I have mine turnned on with spacebar. If you want this off, just press spacebar until you hear unchecked or off. sometimes, it will say on or off, or, it will say checked or unchecked. You will hear both ways spoken, but they are the same.

Tab again, and you hear:

Change Search Engine button:

This is important, because I pressed space bar or enter on that, and it was a combo box that was set on Bing. Keep that if you want, but I changed mine to Google.

I like Google to do my searches rather than Bing.

When you are done with this, Tab and hear will hear:

Back button.

Press space on that, to go back to the advanced settings that we are in.

The back button shows up a lot in Edge, so you can just go back to where you were.

Tab again, and you hear:

Show search and site suggestions as I type toggle.

I used spacebar to uncheck that, because I do not like suggestions to populate as I type in the address bar.

Tab again, and you hear:

Clear Bing search history link.

I did nothing with that.

Tab again, and you hear:

Optimize Taskbar web search results for screen readers.

Mine is check; to uncheck, just use spacebar.

Tab again, and you hear:

Don't block cookies combo box collapsed.

I left that alone.

Tab again, and you hear:

Let sites save protected media licenses on my device.

This is checked.

Tab again, and you hear:

Use page prodiction to speed up websites.

I have this check. To uncheck, just use spacebar, but you want this checked.

Tab again, and you hear:

Help protect me from malicious sites and downloads with Windows Defender Smartscreen toggle.

I kept this checked.

Tab again, and you hear:

Pin this Pane button.

Tab again, and you hear:

Back button.

Guess what this is for.

Entering on this takes you back to just plain old settings.

Remember, we entered on Advanced settings within settings.

Pressing spacebar or enter on this back button, takes you back to settings where we chose our start page and all of that.

Therefore, we are all done with Settings.

Look at what you know already, just by pressing Alt+X, up arrow once to settings, and press enter, tab through settings, enter on advanced settings, tab through those settings, and press enter on the back button to get you back to settings, and just press escape twice to get out of settings, and you are back on the Freedom Scientific web site we started out with.


You must press escape twice to get out of settings and back on to the Freedom Scientific web site.


Section Five

Getting to, and navigating the Hub.

Now, I will show you how to get to the Hub.  The Hub is located just after the address bar area.  It has 5 tabs: Favorites, Reading list, Books, History and Downloads. However, instead of often coming here, we will activate three of these tabs with key commands right from your web site.

Now, this is where your starting place will be a lot in Edge:

Press alt+D or CTRL+L to get to the address bar or whatever it is called in Edge LOL!

Important, we will get to everything else by tabbing or shift tabbing from the address bar. However, you won't need to do this often, because we can activate this stuff by key commands right from the Web site. The address bar is your starting place, so you can tab to get to everything else that we will talk about in Edge. If you get on that address bar, you are set to get to everything else that is on top of the Edge Window.

So now, from the Freedom Scientific web site:

Press Alt+D or CTRL+L

You should hear the URL of the Freedom Scientific web site.

You are on the address bar, our starting place.

Tab once, and you hear:

Add to favorites or reading list button.

If you press enter here, you will save the Freedom Scientific web site that we are on in your favorites. However, you can do this by just pressing CTRL+D from the web site. Just press enter, and tab to save and press enter. This is how you will save a web site in your favorites.

Tab again, and you hear:

Hub ( Favorites, Reading List, Books, History, and Downloads toggle button not pressed.

Now, just tab a few times to get back to the web site. That is all you need to do from up here. You can also press F6 to get from this upper area back to the web site.

To get back to the Hub, press Ctrl + I to open the first tab in the Hub, the Favorites tab.

You will hear Narrator announce Hub, Favorites window, tab control, Favorite tab selected 1 of 5.

Here we are in our favorites.  I can tab twice to the list of favorites then arrow up and down through my favorites.

If I Shift+Tab twice, I am back on the five tabs. I can navigate these tabs, by just pressing the right and left arrow keys. Press right arrow, and you will hear the other four tabs, Reading list, Books, History, and Downloads.

When you right arrow to the Books tab, Tab from here, and I hear Get Books button, Sign in button, and Shop for Books button. This is exciting.

The fourth tab is the History tab, you can press Ctrl + H to get to it directly.

I can delete my history, and look at my history here.

The 5th and last tab, is my Downloads tab.  Open it by pressing Ctrl + J.  Here is where you come to view your downloads, and check on the status of a download in progress.

So, that is it for the HUB button.

I pressed Esc to get out of Hub. The only two tabs that there are not key commands to go to them are the Books and Reading list, which you will not use that much anyway.

I just want you to see that you can press right and left arrow keys on the tabs, but you can get to those tabs with one of the three key commands:

CTRL+I for the Favorites tab, CTRL+H, for the History Tab, and CTRL+J for the downloads tab.

We are done with using the Hub!


Section Six:

Key commands for using Microsoft Edge:

Here are many key commands to navigate and work with Edge. Many of these are the same as in other browsers.

Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcuts

table with 2 columns and 40 rows

Press this key

To do this 

Ctrl + D

Add current site to favorites or reading list

 Ctrl + I

Open favorites pane

 Ctrl + J

Open downloads pane

 Ctrl + H

Open history pane

 Ctrl + P

Print the current page

 Ctrl + F

Find on page

Alt + C

Open Cortana while you are in Edge!

Ctrl + Shift + R

Enter reading view

 Ctrl + T

Open a new tab 

Ctrl + Shift + T

Reopen the last closed tab 

Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4

Close the active tab 

Ctrl + K

Duplicate tab 

Ctrl + N

Open a new window 

Ctrl + Shift + P

Open a new InPrivate Browsing window 

Ctrl + Tab

Switch to the next tab 

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Switch to the previous tab 

Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, and so on

Switch to a specific tab number 

Ctrl + 9

Switch to the last tab 

Ctrl + plus

Zoom in (25%) 

Ctrl + minus

Zoom out (25%) 

Ctrl + 0

Reset zoom level 

Backspace or Alt + Left arrow

Go back to last web page

Alt + Right arrow

Go forward to next web page

F5 or Ctrl + R

Refresh the page 


Stop loading the page 

Ctrl + L or F4 or Alt + D

Select the address bar 

Ctrl + Shift + L

Open address bar query in a new tab 

Ctrl + E

Open a search query in the address bar 

Ctrl + Enter

Add www. to the beginning and .com to the end of text typed in the address bar 

Ctrl + click

Open link in a new tab 

Ctrl + Shift + click

Open link in a new tab and switch to that tab 

Alt + Shift + click

Open link in a new window  

Ctrl + Shift +M

 Start creating web notes 

Ctrl + Alt + M

 Copy selected content into a web note 


Open F12 Developer Tools   

Ctrl + U

 View source 


 Toggle focus between webpage content and the address bar 


 Turn caret browsing on for the active tab 

Ctrl + Shift + Delete

 Show controls to clear browsing data


Please give me your feed back, and how much you hear what I hear when tabbing and the like.

That is all for this tutorial.

David Moore

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There are written tutorials on the following page from off my website at

They are for Microsoft edge and google chrome. I think they are in both written and audio.


I think David was the other person who put one across the list.


There is also a mail one that he wrote that he did.


he will most probably see the thread and reply.


Gene nz



On 11/1/2017 9:10 AM, The Wolf wrote:

Hello I think it was david more who posted a text tutorial of microsoft edge

can I please get that resent?

also I think he did the chrome one as well can I get that one to?





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