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Ian Robinson <ian228@...>

Hi Philip,


Navigating through a list of messages should be quicker if you turn off the Reading Pane.  Sorry I can’t tell you exactly how to do that as I haven’t used that version of Outlook before.


Oh, and I think you might have more chance of getting answers if you put each question in a separate email.









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Sent: 01 November 2017 11:40
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA, MS Office 2007 & Google Chrome


Hello Clare


Thank you. I shall give your suggestion a go since I too dislike hearing line number announcements constantly.

It was the same as hearing ‘Clickable’ continually when browsing the web. Then I discovered through Document formatting how to disable this option. Phew


Take care and thank you once again.





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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA, MS Office 2007 & Google Chrome



I’m glad to hear that you like NVDA, Philip, but I’m sorry you have several problems with it.

I can’t answer most of your questions, but I can say that, as far as I know, there are no special add-ons for Microsoft Office. I use Office 2007 myself, specifically Word, Excel and Outlook: the latter crashes sometimes for me, but otherwise it works well, and the only view change I made in Outlook after installing it was to have the newest emails at the bottom which I prefer. I also found that disabling the reading of tables works better for me in emails, as the body of some emails comes up as tables and I don’t want to hear row and column numbers all the time while reading the text: that’s my choice, though, and you may feel differently about that.

I hope other people can answer your other questions!

Bye for now!

From Clare


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Sent: mercredi 1 novembre 2017 01:05
Subject: [nvda] NVDA, MS Office 2007 & Google Chrome


Hi All



I am new to this group and wish to thank you for kindly accepting my membership. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and hearing your NVDA experiences.


I am really enjoying using NVDA. It is a fabulous alternative to JAWS. However, I have a few questions and wondered if you can help.


Please forgive me in advance if I have included two many questions in one email. I’m thinking most of them might simply be a case of settings; he says holding his breath... J


Please advise if you would rather I created a separate thread for each question. Here goes...

Operating System: Windows 7 Home

MS Office 2007


Q1. Are there any NVDA add ons for MS Office 2007?


I have searched, but cannot seem to find any.


In addition, what's the best configuration settings for viewing MS office 2007 Outlook messages in table view, only I am finding response time terribly slow and crashes and programme closures frequent?

I have tried enabling 'tables' in 'settings' and selecting anything else seemingly likely to resolve the problem, but without joy.


Furthermore, I am presently encountering problems sending and replying to messages. I am having to launch the 'new message or 'reply' options twice before I can write anything that NVDA will read back to me in all edit fields from 'address, subject and body.'


* Attempt 1 merely keeps saying 'blank' whenever I type into the fields, then freezes and I am forced to exit and try again.


* Works perfectly second time round.


NVDA, Google Chrome & Ebay


Q3. Similarly, I am experiencing one or two issues revising my Ebay listings. While I am able to edit 'Product Title' and 'General Item Specifics', there seems to be compatibility issues when it comes to updating 'Price' & 'Quantities' in listings with multiple variations when 'drag and drop' is required. What do you recommend?


Q4. In Paypal, while I can generally find work arounds for most things, accessing the buttons in 'packing slips' is a problem.


A Packing slip is a consignment note businesses can print off and include in with their products they are sending out to their customers.

To access 'Packing Slips':

* first select 'Summary'

* arrow down to payments received

* select recipient and press enter

* search for 'print packing slip' and press enter.


Here you should see three buttons:


* Button 1 allows you to 'print the slip

* button 2, edit your personalised customer message

& * button 3, Done.


NVDA recognises and echos the associated text for these buttons, but simply refuses to display them as clickable options.



Q5. What possibly could be the underlining reason why NVDA's general key stroke options  keeps malfunctioning on my machine, leaving me with delayed speech recognition and no means of restarting the programme using the standard shortcut option other than a 'hard system boot?' 


Thank you in anticipation for your help in this regard.






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