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I think a lot of people in the west assume that everyone knows such things. Its a weird combination of holy day, some pagan bad spirits day and commercial companies hi jacking it all to make money, IE the sell things to dress up as monsters spirits and sundry other nasty looking things and then sell everyone pumpkins which they then destroy to put candles in and not eat. They then force everyone to buy sweets and candy to give out to children who come to doors demanding them on the evening of the 31st October and if they don't get one they play some stupid practical joke on you.
I know it sounds mad, and indeed it probably is, but probably harmless in the long run.

If an alien came down and visited the US on Halloween they would go back totally confused.

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hello quentin.
did you read my comment in your previous email?
i opened the link without any problem, you did not tell me whats the
meaning of Halloween
God bless you and his infinite mercy i pray for you!!

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Hi everyone,

I'm not sure what happened with my link in the last message, but here is an
updated link to an updated post - I've included links to some of the
fantastic community contributions we got for Halloween! Feel free to join
in and I'll update the post again as needed:

Kind regards


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