Re: Reading PDF files with NVDA using acrobat? Or a web browser?

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Horses for courses really. Adobe reader DC is OK as long as the writer of the file has flagged changes in reading order, but I'm sure you are aware of the problems with picture pdfs and those who run columns together and all of that.
you might also like the pdf reader on the Webbie site, which still works on 7 and 10, and is good for those files which are pure text as its a lot less messy to use.

I cannot speak for in browser solutions, None of the ones I've used seem to work very well.

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I am coming from an old windows XP machine where I used an old version of Adobe acrobat with good success on many PDF files. It let me navigate tables, access links, read continuously if I wanted to, page through the document, etc. i’m going to get a new Windows 10 machine, and I’m going to put NVDA on it and of course it will have narrator. I want to know which method work the best for reading PDF files. I understand they will open in edge if you want. And I assume the Adobe DC acrobat reader or whatever it’s called is also accessible. I gather the older readers are no longer supported. Anyway, I’m looking for something that will give me the best possible experience with the least possible hassle.

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