NVDA and multimedia keys

Aman Singer

Hi all,


                I am very pleased to note that NVDA can use the multimedia keys, like volume up/down and previous/next track, as input gestures. This is most helpful for those of us using small remote controls to work with our systems, and is, so far as I can recall, unique among accessible applications. Obviously, lots of multimedia programs can do it, but the keys are, in that case, simply performing their usual functions.

                Anyhow, though it is possible to assign multimedia keys to gestures, this is a bit unreliable. Specifically, there are some commands which don't seem to work with the multimedia keys, the volume keys are particularly finicky. For example, I have tried to assign the down arrow to the volume down key. The assignment is fine, but the key doesn't seem to properly emulate the down arrow key when I press it. Rather, it reduces the volume. However, if I assign the emulated down arrow to the next track key, for example, the emulation works fine, pressing next track on the remote control is exactly the same as pressing the down arrow on the keyboard. Similarly, the volume up key can't be assigned to the up arrow, but it certainly can be assigned to the "load braille display" command in braille extender. There are just some commands where the volume keys can't be assigned and some where they can, and work fine. If I may ask, does anyone know why this is and whether it can be corrected? Is there a way to log commands so that I can see what is happening as I press the keys?

                The second issue, which is even odder, is that sometimes it is necessary to restart NVDA to get the multimedia keys to work. That is, I will sometimes press the homepage key, which I have set to say the time, and this will, rather than saying the time as usual, take me to the home page as if NVDA is not intercepting the key. When I restart NVDA, though, NVDA will start intercepting that key again and pressing the homepage key will give me the time as expected. Any ideas on how to fix this would be gratefully received.

                Finally, I don't seem to be able to use the multimedia keys in multi-key commands. For example, I would like to assign an input gesture as volume down+volume up or previous track+next track. This doesn't seem to be possible in the input gestures dialogue. Am I doing something wrong or is it in fact impossible?

                I am using Windows 10 home and Windows 7 Pro, but there is no difference in the results I get so far as I can see.



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