finding a specific SAPI5 voice

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I've got a specific SAPI5 voice question I'm hoping somebody might have an answer to. I use an Asus laptop, and Chuwi VI10 and Microsoft Surface Pro4 tablets, all of which are running Win10 and NVDA 17.3. For my normal day to day work I use Voice: Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States) but for times when I'm doing a poetry performance I alternate poems I've memorised with ones I use the Hazel voice to perform.

I managed to break my Chuwi VI10 by sitting on it and decided to replace it with a Chuwi HI10. I like the Chuwi tablets because they have two full size USB ports so I can use a wifi keyboard and another USB device at the same time.

I tend to set my devices up with English UK settings and then add English US keyboard layout. When I set the Chuwi HI10 system up I managed to configure Win10 the opposite way round, using US settings and adding an English UK keyboard layout, mainly because I had sighted assistance who wasn't familiar with setting up Windows and we couldn't find the English UK setup options. I suspect it's as a consequence of that that the HI10 does not have the Hazel UK English SAPI5 voice installed.

I know there are various articles on adding additional voices to NVDA, but none of them shed any light on how to add a specific Microsoft SAPI5 voice, namely Hazel, back to my system. Some webpages suggest adding English UK as a language in Control Panel settings, but when I try and do that English UK doesn't appear in the list of languages I can add, which I presume means I have already done that when I instaled the UK keyboard layout.

Does anybody know how or where I can find a download or purchase the Hazel voice? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)



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