Re: Using NVDA with Pontes Media Downloader

Travis Siegel

It doesn't offer you the ability to change file formats, but you can use youtube downloader located at:

to download youtube videos, and other url types as well.  The documentation has pointers where to get the programs that do the various functions, (some of which are the same programs ponts downloader uses.  I've not been asked for it, but I can certainly look into adding format options to the download options.  I was thinking of adding mp3 format as an option anyhow with the next update.

On 10/31/2017 8:45 PM, Hareth wrote:
Hi Rich,
I select the preferred file format by tabbing one time after opening
the app, there's a list of 15 choices, then I shift tab and put the
does the app version has something to do with what you get?
I have the V2.9.5 something.
If it still not working with you, I can send you the one I have.

On 11/1/17, Rich De Steno <ironrock@...> wrote:
I am trying Pontes Media Downloader based on various recommendations.
However, I cannot read the download file format options with NVDA no
matter what I do.  Is anyone using this program successfully with NVDA,
and if so, how do you select file formats with the keyboard?

Rich De Steno

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