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Clare Page <>

I use the add-on wwhich just has Vocalizer in it, as I have never liked
Eloquence. It's good that there is a choice, though, for those who want
Bye for now!
From Clare

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Hi. Thanks for the response. This seems a friendly and helpful community.

Just a quick question, Claire....I noticed there are two possible Vocalizer
add-ons: one packaged with Eloquence and made my Code Factory, the other
simply called "Nuance Vocalizer Expressive" or something like that. I'm
thinking of getting the second one so that I can get my favourite "premium
high quality" Daniel voice working with nVDA. But which one do you use?

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I was a JAWS user for ten years before I switched to using NVDA full-time. I
used JAWS 3.5 on Windows 98 to begin with, then JAWS 6.20 on Windows XP. In
2010 my XP computer started having power issues, so I started using NVDA
more regularly on that computer because it used less power. That computer
finally gave up the ghost in 2011, so, as I couldn't afford to upgrade JAWS
for Windows 7, I switched to NVDA and have used that ever since. The only
thing which would make me use JAWS again is if I needed it for a particular
job, or if I was using someone else's computer which has JAWS but not NVDA,
but neither situation seems very likely for me right now.
As for add-ons, I use several, including Vocalizer, the add-on for Winamp,
and the add-on to read emoticons and emojis which are so often used these
days. There are lots of good add-ons out there, depending on what you want,
whether it's extra voices or extra functions.
Bye for now!
From Clare

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Well I don't know about strengths and weaknesses. But my testimonial is that
I got sick of paying for jaws, so I decided to try NVDA for a month, I think
it was. There were a few times, mostly with installers or the like, where
I'd run into a situation where NVDA wouldn't read the screen, so I'd fire up
jaws. Jaws didn't read the screen either. I realized that NVDA was doing
everything I needed it to and jaws wasn't offering me any advantages that I
could see, so I switched. Pretty simple really. I have nothing against jaws,
used it for years, man I want to say from 3 or 4 or such.

As for addons, you might want to check out NVDA Remote. There's an addon for
Winamp and VLC. I've got Vocalizer for NVDA. The SysTrayList addon is nice,
but that's mostly because I can never remember if there's a quick way to get
to the system tray without it. NVDA works just fine without it, you can get
into the tray and right click and all, but the addon basically gives you the
equivalent of jaws-F11. A couple other jaws equivalents are Virtual Review
and Place Markers, the latter gives you place markers on web pages and some
other documents. Hope that helps.

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