Re: Reading PDF files with NVDA using acrobat? Or a web browser?

Mário Navarro

Hi Mary.
Welcome to windows 10.
Yes, any one of the alternatives work well on windows 10.
almost all work well at the moment.

PDF-reading experience on windows with NVDA and JAWS, is completely different than in mac os.
Yes dear Mary, you know as well as I, the misery that is the PDF accessibility support in mac os.
Welcome to a much better reading experience of PDF in windows!

Às 14:31 de 01/11/2017, Mary Otten escreveu:

I am coming from an old windows XP machine where I used an old version of Adobe acrobat with good success on many PDF files. It let me navigate tables, access links, read continuously if I wanted to, page through the document, etc. i’m going to get a new Windows 10 machine, and I’m going to put NVDA on it and of course it will have narrator. I want to know which method work the best for reading PDF files. I understand they will open in edge if you want. And I assume the Adobe DC acrobat reader or whatever it’s called is also accessible. I gather the older readers are no longer supported. Anyway, I’m looking for something that will give me the best possible experience with the least possible hassle.

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