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I know markdown. Will Markdown work as well if I'd paste the post content to the Wordpress site?

El 02/11/2017 a las 12:35 a.m., Dang Manh Cuong escribió:
Hi Molinar
I usually use text editor to edit my article offline, then copy to wordpress site. If you're familiar with html, you can write as this format, then open the html in your browser, copy its content, and paste to the body of your post on Wordpress site. Otherwise, use Microsoft Word to edit, then do the same.

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Hi, everyone. I have a blog on and have a couple questions about using it with NVDA. I've noticed that the HTML editor doesn't seem to be very accessible, so I have to switch to the visual rich text editor to write a post. Is there something I can change in the settings or something to make this more accessible? Also, I'm a beginner at blogging and only have a couple posts on my blog. Before I really get going with it, are there any settings I should change, good accessible themes or plugins I should use, or tips you have for someone just getting started? Thanks.

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