NVDA Translations


Dear all,

we have found some people who would like to become translators in the NVDA-Project. But not only translating the screenreader itself. There are also wikis on Github, articles on accessibility central, snap shots on nvaccess website, developer documentation, addon descriptions and more other things which have to be translated in order to increase identification with the community. Is there a good guide for beginners how to start and where all possibilities are listed? Beginners implies also people who have computer knowledge but are new to NVDA. Where can we see the track changes and current status of overall translation? Is there a list of all maintainers of every language including their e-mail addresses etc? It would be very good to connect new translators with the maintainers for improving productivity.

I know, there are many questions. Some of them can be answered through the translation wikis on github but not all of them. So I hope I can get here some better insights and good tipps.

Tank you.


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