Re: Reading PDF files with NVDA using acrobat? Or a web browser?

JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

Yes, it’s a neat product and I was pretty quick to buy it, too. Sometimes the mainstream applications are just not the most convenient to use. Glad you like it.




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Sent: November 2, 2017 11:49 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Reading PDF files with NVDA using acrobat? Or a web browser?


I had not heard of QRead before so went to their website to check it out. I downloaded the demo version and within 5 mins had returned to the website to purchase the full version! I think it's fantastic! I use a HIMS Blaze ET book reader and one thing that does annoy me is that Bookshare books cannot be navigated word by word or character by character which, if you want to know how a word is spelled is troublesome. When I read a html webpage, such as a newspaper, there is the word and character navigation, but apparently not in Daisy format books.

The QRead program will open Daisy books from Bookshare right from the zipped download, and I can navigate by word or character as I desire. Although Bookshare books can be read online, having to press the next page button at the end of a page gets a little tiring in a few hundred page book!

I tried QRead out on a PDF file too and can confirm it does open the PDF very quickly and is far simpler to navigate than using Acrobat DC. With PDF files I always either save them as text from Acrobat, or OCR them using Abbyy Finereader because I find that the best way to turn a PDF into a plain text file.

I'll be using QRead as my first port of call for PDFs and Daisy reading, and several other formats it handles :)

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