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Ralf Kefferpuetz



I have the same symptom for many folders, but not for all. Setting the folder view to Conversation mode solves it for me, but there is something defenitly not right the way NVDA access the normal folder view.





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Sent: Freitag, 3. November 2017 16:00
Subject: [nvda] NVDA not speaking message details in Outlook 2016


Hello all,


I am running Outlook 2016 (latest update) under Windows 10 (latest update) with NVDA 2017.3


Before I raise an issue in GitHub, I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem.


I have 464 messages in my Sent Items folder. When I open the folder I should hear the selected fields that describe each message  as I press up-arrow and down-arrow. In fact, I hear the first message details when I first open the folder list. When I press down-arrow I hear nothing! The arrow has in fact moved to the next message in the list but NVDA does not speak. I press down-arrow again, the   cursor has moved to the next message but NVDA says nothing. I keep this up for the first 265 messages. At message 266, NVDA bursts into life and speaks all the fields! If I press up-arrow once NVDA speaks the previous message but is silent again from there to the first message.


I experimented with the list and concluded that NVDA will only speak the details of the last 200 messages in the list. To do this, I shortened the list a few times and this pattern continued. NVDA only started reacting to the arrow   keys for the final 200 messages in the list.  When I took away the last 265 messages from the  list, NVDA spoke the full list of messages as there were now only 200 messages in the list. When I brought back the original messages and built the list back up to its original 464 items, NVDA was silent again from the first message until I reached the 266th message.


I have been experiencing this problem randomly in Outlook 2016 for over a year now. It does not happen with JAWS 2016 or with Narrator so I am happy that it is not a video problem and that it is really an exclusive NVDA problem.


I will report an issue to the NVDA team. However, they cannot take it on as a development task if I am the only user who experiences it. For that reason, I would ask anyone who has seen the same problem could reply to the list and I will then be able to make a firmer case for the issue.


All the best,




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