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Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

It happens with every single web site I encounter that requires input in multiple fields.  I can set NVDA to browse mode (that's the default right?) then every time I encounter an edit field, NVDA automatically switches to edit mode regardless of whether I've previously told it to be in browse mode or not.  It happens 100 percent of the time on each and every web site I encounter edit fields on, so it is definitely not a once in a while thing.  Find yourself any web site that requires logins, or perhaps one with a signup form, and the behavior is always exactly the same, whether I've set it specifically to browse mode or not.

On 11/3/2017 12:43 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:

Re the inconsistent behaviour in Chrome, can you give some steps to reproduce please?

2. Press ...
3. Press ...

Re the issue of playing certain browser based games, are they self voicing?  IE: Does NVDA speak useful information while using them?  If you don't have to have NVDA, then you could put NVDA in sleep mode with NVDA+shift+s.  Note that will put NVDA to sleep while the current application is active.  EG if you are using Chrome, them NVDA will wake up when you go to another application (or the alt+tab window), but as long as you are in a Chrome window, NVDA will be "asleep".



On Fri, Nov 3, 2017 at 9:50 AM, Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...> wrote:

This is the way browse mode is supposed to work, but this is not the current behavior of NVDA in chrome.  I get browse mode turning on regardless of whether I've specifically turned it off or not.  This didn't happen with earlier versions of NVDA, so it's something fairly new, though I'm not sure which version started doing this, but it definitely didn't do it in 2016.4, but it does with 2017.3.  I don't know which in between version broke it, because I upgraded directly, since I wanted the kindle functionality, and had no reason to upgrade before then.

On 11/2/2017 2:07 PM, Gene wrote:
Browse mode is supposed to stay off regardless of what happens until you turn it on again.  If you close the browser and reopen it, browse mode will be on but when you manually turn it off, it stays off for the session until you turn it on.
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Would it be the same though? I'm guessing what's being talked about here
is that NVDA will turn browse mode back on if the game changes. So you
turn it off and it's fine, but something changes, and it turns back on,
and you have to stop and turn it back off again. With a pass key lock it
could just hold until you toggled it off. Browse mode was my first
thought too, and I don't play enough web games to know what's going on,
if anybody wants to provide examples of some that cause a problem I'll
happily check them out. But that would be my guess, that browse mode is
getting toggled automatically in response to a change from the site.

On 11/2/2017 10:20, Gene wrote:
> If you are saying that turning browse mode off isn't consistent in how
> well it works, using the key pass through command will be no more
> consistent.  All that command is doing in that context is bypassing
> the screen-reader.  Turning off browse mode on a web page does exactly
> the same thing except you don't have to keep using an extra command. 
> When browse mode is off, keys you press work directly with the web
> page.  When browse mode is on, they don't.  That's why browse mode is
> off when working in an edit field in a form, for example.  You are
> working directly with the field.
> Gene
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> It does not work very reliable in browser games, especially when
> dealing with types of browser games in java and php. It is also not
> very consistent in flash player, for example there are still lots of
> webinars which can be accessed in flashplayer by some keystrokes.
> *I have noticed this in different browsers. May the grafics driver
> have any impact on this? I have only tested it with my dell notebook
> on a nvidia gtx graphic card.*
> **
> **
> *Best*
> *Adriani*
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> Turn off browse mode.  Do you know the comand t6o toggle it off and
> on?  NVDA key space. Also, I don't recall if NVDA has a command to
> pass keys to the application when browsing.  But even in the youtube
> example, it is often much more convenient to turn off browse mode than
> use the key pass through command.
> Gene
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> *Subject:*[nvda] lock NVDA + f2
> Dear Community,
> Is it possible to create an addon which locks the keystroke NVDA + f2
> so that every key which will be pressed will be sent through to the
> application? It would make sense for example in browser games or in
> some browser videoplayers. It should just offer the possibility to
> disable and enable this licking feature whenever needed.
> Best
> Adriani
> <>
> Virenfrei.
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