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David Griffith

I thought the whole point of the ESR version was that   it would not update to 57 until about June next year, when hopefully the accessibility issues will have improved. According to the FS Blog on this they say that people using ESR will however continue to get the latest security updates  installed into Firefox ESR but  will not be vulnerable to the main upgrade to 57 until next year.

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Yes I saw a message on the issues list from James, about some fixing for

version 58, so maybe it will get resolved from the currently unusable state.

Its new users of any screenreader I feel sorry for, especially where its a

shared machine and the sighted member just lets firefox update.

There are a couple of other issues. It disabled both my add ons,

navigational sounds and Ublock Origin ad blocker and even when I put the

version 52 back on I had to re download both add ons and install them again.

Not only that but nvda after the update could not read the screen of the add

ons manager, I had to exit  firefox completely and go back in again to see

if they had installed correctly, I'm sure this was not the case prior to up

and down dating the version I had, which was 55. How also does one set 52 to

get security updates without letting it update to 57 as I see it wants to do

till I set updates to no, ie not recommended.




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> Hi, Brian

> I have the same issue on the other machine, and that is the reason why I

> keep to shift instead to use the Firefox ESR version 52 but for now I will

> stick to this version because there is likely more stable in performance

> and never has a problem. And, once the issue has fix maybe I could go for

> to use and test it again.

> Robert Mendoza

> On 11/3/2017 6:00 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:

>> With regard to this version of Firefox, and in addition to what Joseph

>> posted about it. Here is what me acting as the average unaware updater

>> found.

>> After installation only the menus work, no content on the page is

>> readable, you cannot go into any browse or focus mode. You just here

>> unknown.

>> Now there may well be some kind of setting that can be altered, I do not

>> know, to achieve what he got, slow but functioning. I could not find any

>> option for this. Not only that but it seemed to lose almost half of my

>> bookmarks as well.


>> So unless they fix this on the release version anyone trying to use

>> Firefox 57 when it comes out with the latest version of nvda, and I am up

>> to date with the master branch here, will not be able to do so unless

>> they know how to make it work.

>> If these people are employees then they will probably need the permission

>> of an admin to reinstall a version like 55, and turn off auto updates. I

>> have reinstalled 52 in actual fact and got my bookmarks back as well as

>> functionality. To my mind the makers of Firefox at the current state of

>> play should be able to see if screenreading software is on a machine in a

>> similar way to Adobe reader or Jarte does, and prevent it from updating

>> to an unworkable version.

>> I cannot understand why they have not done this.


>> Anyone care to comment?

>> Brian


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