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Thanks. Maybe there is an alternate connection path, not just Bluetooth. I will have to look into that more.

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I know buddy of mine that bought them for his son for Christmas last year and they are awesomely sounding,
However I do believe he connected them to his pc hard wired with a audio cable and they worked perfectly.
Not sure about Bluetooth.
Hope this helps

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Subject: [nvda] Bluetooth speakers on a PC with NVDA?

Hi all,
I am considering a set up with clips ProMedia to Bluetooth speakers for my new PC. I have had less than stellar experiences with phones and Bluetooth speakers or headsets. There is latency, and with my Apple TV and sound bar, it was unusable, because the voice consistently miss the first few syllables due to the delay in the speaker kicking in. This would be totally unusable on a PC of course with the screen reader and software speech. My old PC has a hardware card for speech, and the Mac has USB speakers. So I have no experience with a PC or Mac for that matter, with Bluetooth speakers and software speech. I really like these speakers, but not if they’re going to present issues with the software speech for the screen meter. Comments?

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