IMPORTANT: Emergency mode lifted, two subgroups created, important information for those filtering via email addresses


Dear NVDA community and NVDA users group members:


I hereby declare the termination of emergency mode in place for the last few hours.


After receiving comments from concerned members, it was decided to create two subgroups:

·         Chat lounge: Used to discuss topics that doesn’t really belong to NVDA forum. Subscription address is

·         List matters: For discussion of list policies. Subscription address is

·         In regards to NVDACon posts: they are in fact on topic.


Also, you may have noticed a different “from:” address. This is the side effect of using subgroups in Groups.IO. If you were using email addresses as filter data, please change it to Posting to the old address ( will still work.


Lastly, although we now have a dedicated chat subgroup, it’ll not completely replace various chat mailing lists out there.


I’d like to take this time to apologize for errors in my own conduct.






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