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I've not seen this, but in a perfect world of course, but I think its because in the case of Espeak or any other synth for that matter, it may not be obvious to a poster that a thread already exists and they may well be talking about a different aspect. This is why it often pays to be a little bit more verbose on the subject line, so you could have Espeak, issues over german pronounciation and Espeak seems to be very raspy on my HP laptop or whatever.


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Subject: [nvda] Duplicate topics?

Hi all,

For the past few days I started to notice that there are multiple threads with exactly the same or very similar subject line. For example, I see multiple threads with the subject 'espeak' as the subject line.

I wonder...why do people have to create multiple threads with exactly the same subject line? For instance, there should be only a single thread with the 'Espeak' subject line, and all discussion about Espeak should be in that thread.

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