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Some of it works some does not. It now has been bought out by Avast, and as we all know that particular product has stopped anything being allowed to access it such as screenreadders. I'd suggest, don't let them put anything on it except Defender/msse as was, as unless you have poor browsing habits or have young children who click first and then worry later, most of the time you are safe from average stuff.

You can get as paranoid as you want of course but its of no use finding things if the software cannot let you deal with them very well.
I have been playing with superantispyware, and it has what I might call flaky accessibility, but to my mind its not actually found anything bad. it does flag many programs as potentially dangerous such as password revealers and the like but since I put them on, I tell it to ignore those.
Sometimes it decides not to get focus at all even using screen or object nav as well, and is in need of some attention in this department in my view, but I don't think they will bother.

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Hi all,
I had a consultation with a local custom PC builder. We were talking about the various software that I would like to use, and I mentioned windows defender as the virus program. He said they generally recommend and install AVG. A long long time ago, I use that program, and missed a virus. And subsequently I heard it had become inaccessible. What is the status of this program with respect to Accessibility with NVDA? Have any of you have experience is good or bad with it?

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