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Is it a wireless keyboard and mouse? I hate those with a passion as this sort of thing seems to occur with them as they get old. No idea why.
I have also found that you definitely need to take the mouse off of some machines as the light from lighting in a room can wobble the pixels its pointed at which we can't see of course.
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My issue is not so much websites on my system but that sometimes for no reason the nvda key gets stuck and nvda needs to be ended and restarted.
Sometimes nvda will just suddenly loose focus or keys will execute or sometimes not work until I press them again.
Ofcause once I test out the keyboard in training mode its recieving commands just peachy but it can get a bit bad at times.
Its enough that I wander what is going on but not enough to make me wander.
Ofcause this mechanical board has firmware I may try to update that.

On 21/04/2016 12:26 a.m., Rich De Steno wrote:
Suddenly, this morning, NVDA cannot read web sites. When I press tab, I
keep hearing "unknown" and I cannot move around on the page. Everything
else seems to work normally, such as Email, Notepad, TW Blue, and my
other usual programs. I had a sighted person confirm that the web pages
look normal and can be navigated normally with the mouse. It appears as
if some keyboard change has taken place interfering with NVDA's
functioning, but I cannot figure this one out. I am using the current
version of NVDA and Windows 10. This occurs both in Firefox and IE. Any

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