Re: NVDA Not Working on Web Sites


brian can you give me a link to this fixit?
its something I'd like my records.
To be honest if I can avoid reformatting that would be good though its not the only thing.
Due to the 3 licence key being used on 3 units it needs me to ring ms to reset.
If I can fix this then that would be fine.
pass me the link on or off list if you wish.

On 21/04/2016 7:13 a.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
I downloaded a fixit patch from Microsoft for one of these occurrences,
so it might be worth a look over there. It seems there is a file which
is unregistred or vectored to the wrong place under certain
circumstances when uninstalling office. this only affects access
software, sighted folk usually notice no difference, which I guess, is
how it got missed.

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I have had this happen on a system that after uninstalling office 2010
it did this all web content gone.
On another system it did the same thing but when I loaded office 2013
it fixed the issue so removing office must have done something.
The system is due for a full workout in august and strip down as its
full of old programs and so in august I plan to strip it down and this
will include a full reformat and refresh of the os.
I have found no way to fix this issue and not even ms knows what to do.

On 21/04/2016 12:26 a.m., Rich De Steno wrote:
Suddenly, this morning, NVDA cannot read web sites. When I press tab, I
keep hearing "unknown" and I cannot move around on the page. Everything
else seems to work normally, such as Email, Notepad, TW Blue, and my
other usual programs. I had a sighted person confirm that the web pages
look normal and can be navigated normally with the mouse. It appears as
if some keyboard change has taken place interfering with NVDA's
functioning, but I cannot figure this one out. I am using the current
version of NVDA and Windows 10. This occurs both in Firefox and IE. Any

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