Re: IMPORTANT: Emergency mode lifted, two subgroups created, important information for those filtering via email addresses


Well its good there is a chat group joseph.
The reason I got off the other one was that to many jokes/ viruses/ audio mp3s etc were sent round.
I was also on a books/ file sharing list and eventually there was to much coming through.
I think if there is to be a rule for the chat we should keep descussions to text, and I guess website links are fine but no attachments though links to folders of things would be ok.
And we should also adopt the same piracy stuff rules from here to.
This will avoid virus related malware things in general.
Thanks for taking my suggestion, I did send it but it was travis idea to be honest.
I just chatted and chatted and waited for it to be closed.
I had forgotten about the subs.
Thanks for that, I am on both now.

On 21/04/2016 7:05 a.m., Joseph Lee wrote:
Dear NVDA community and NVDA users group members:

I hereby declare the termination of emergency mode in place for the last few

After receiving comments from concerned members, it was decided to create
two subgroups:

* Chat lounge: Used to discuss topics that doesn't really belong to
NVDA forum. Subscription address is

* List matters: For discussion of list policies. Subscription
address is
<> .

* In regards to NVDACon posts: they are in fact on topic.

Also, you may have noticed a different "from:" address. This is the side
effect of using subgroups in Groups.IO. If you were using email addresses as
filter data, please change it to
<> . Posting to the old address (
<> ) will still work.

Lastly, although we now have a dedicated chat subgroup, it'll not completely
replace various chat mailing lists out there.

I'd like to take this time to apologize for errors in my own conduct.



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