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what is slack?

On 11/6/2017 1:51 AM, Sylvie Duchateau wrote:
Hello all,
I use Slakc with the iPhone app, which is rather accessible and with Chrome and Firefox.
NV access has developed a script making slack work with tampermonkey (a script manager for Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers).
I was able to activate notifications with a sound tone. I can go from one channel to another in pressing the go to next or previous link command (n and shift+n).
I can reach the list of recent messages by pressing h to next headings.
Each statement is structured in a bulleted list that you can browse from one statement to another by pressing i and shift+i.
You are informed when someone is writing and who is writing.
The url for all of this with all explanations is:
Le 05/11/2017 à 15:43, Arthur BREUNEVAL via Groups.Io a écrit :
I find the desktop app has been improved since the last year. It was not
usable at all before, but now I'm able to use it. I met some
difficulties to connect to the workspace, but playing with tab, arrow
keys and such, I was able to connect. When it was done, the navigation
is acceptable, I find. I've seen better accessibility in applications,
of course, but it still acceptable. I don't use the web app now, it is
quite slow for me in Firefox and I was not able to enable notifications.
Finallx, Slack offers a lot of shortcuts to navigate ùith the keyboard.
You can, for example, hit Alt + T to place the cursor into the text area
to type messages. You can review all keyboard shortcuts by hitting Alt +
A in Slack (at least, in the desktop app) : an accessible menu will pop
on, and here you can browse until you find "Keyboard Shortcuts...", or such.


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Le 05/11/2017 à 14:55, Bhavya shah a écrit :
Hi Brandon,
Slack with NVDA and Chrome is an accessible experience. What problems
are you facing specifically?

On 11/5/17, Robert Kingett <kingettr@...> wrote:
Get them to enable IRC support and get them to give you the IRC
information. I would suggest Miranda NG, Not Miranda IM, for an
accessible IRC client. That is the only way to use slack accessibly on
the desktop as of now. Slack says they have an accessibility team but
they are taking their sweet time to make accessibility changes. 2 years
now and they just added a colorblind theme. Compared to, say, Microsoft.

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