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There is no trouble.  You can just use the portable version that is the ESR version.  It's a good idea to have more than one browser available because at times, one browser works better on a site or does something another browser doesn't do.  But switching at this time is very premature if the only reason is because of the accessibility problems in the upcoming version.  The ESR (extended release) version is current until June of next year and will receive security updates until then.  If you use the portable ESR version, you can leave the installed version installed and use the portable version until it becomes evident whether the accessibility problems will be solved by the time the ESR version is no longer current. 
Chrome is pretty accessible these days and browsing is either as good from an accessibility standpoint or almost as good as with Firefox.  The actual interface isn't as convenient to use and you have to manually switch between browse mode and forms mode, depending on the screen-reader, when working with settings and perhaps history.

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WIth all the trouble with Firefox, I'm considering switching to
GoogleChrome. How well does NVDA work with that web brouser?

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