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Thanks, David. I suppose the best I will be able to do in that regard is try to find the 12.63 version, since the current version is now 12.7. So if you go to get iTunes for the first time, 12.7 is going to be what they like to offer.

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Dear Mary

NVDA works better I find than Jaws with iTunes in general.

Personally I am resisting the upgrade to 12.7 for the time being.

The secret with iTunes on Windows is pretty uch similar to that on the Mac.

You need to have your library sorted by songs and then you need to enable column browser withing the View Menu and check the categories you want in the column vbiew browser. I do not personally use Genre. I have columns for artist albums and songs. For music playing this works very nicely with NVDA and you have the added bonus of all the shortcut keys working. Unlike in jaws you can use control alt arrow keys to fast forward and backwards. Jaws annoyingly just says not in a table. .

Arguably iTunes on Windows is marginally easier to utilise than iTunes on the Mac as generally there is less need for interaction,   and use of the F6 key and tabbing and cursor keys will get you to where you want to go pretty easily. Certainly I think that with column view properly enable iTunes provides the most accessible and easy music playing on Windows. With other layouts though I agree it is a nightmare.

Like on the Mac using the Find command, control F on windows will jump you to the area of iTunes where you can tab and easily  move between the different parts of iTunes such as Music Library, Podcasts  Video Store etc.


Personally I find the experience of playing Music better on Windows iTunes than on the Mac but I do find NVDA is more sluggish in the actual store and if you retain use of your Mac I would ;personally still  tend to purchase Music on the Mac side.

The only other area in which NVDA can be sluggish is where you are defining Songs as your Library layout in the library sidebar view options. I think the default is albums, Normally I just focus on where it says Albums and press S for Songs and this should eventually change.

David Griffith

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From: Mary Otten
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I have been using a Mac for a long time, but as I’m sure most of you know by now, having  seen my several messages on this list, I’m getting a new machine and will be using NVDA as my primary screen reader. I’m wondering about NVDA with iTunes. Latest release is 12.7, although I noticed they also have a 12.63, at least for the Mac. How is NVDA or narrator, but that’s for another list I guess, with iTunes? At some point, I could consider moving my iTunes library off of my Mac onto windows, since iTunes is still one of the big uses I have for the Mac.




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