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I have not used the jaws cursor but there are a couple of different ways.

In my case i usually use object navigation. It lets you get to parts of the screen not read.

but another thing that would be maybe the same is grab your self a copy of the golden cursor you can control it with your keyboard. for this add on go to nvda key + letter N then tools then manage add ons then go into it. Tab until you get to the button that says get add ons then press the enter key. It will then take you up to a website where you can grab it It will then need to be installed.

In the user manual it is around 5 to 6. This section covers navigating with the keyboard and the different cursors review text, screen review etc.

hope it helps.

Gene nz

On 11/7/2017 9:48 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:
Could someone please tell me--or tell me where in the manual to find:

Back when I was using jaws, I could turn on the "JAWS Cursor" and look all over the screen--or maybe the current window.  How can I get that effect in NVDA.  Many times  programs will give me a screen full of info and then just let me tab around a two or three button dialog:  "yes, no, or cancel".  I'd sometimes like to read the question before I answer it.

Thanks, anybody.

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