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I would suggest looking at a tutorial on the subject prepared by Joseph Lee.  You can download sections or the entire tutorial from
That isn't the official place to get the tutorial any longer but its still there.  Someone may have the official link so that people may keep it as a reference and not worry about whether the tutorial will disappear at some point from the official location.
You can look at links to the sections and see which ones deal with navigation and screen review.  You also need to learn screen review commands, which in the desktop layout.  
there are two main review modes, both of which are advantageous to know.  What you have in mind is the screen review mode, which is analogous to the JAWS cursor.  But object navigation is important because it gives access to things in some applications that screen review mode doesn't and you need to know it for apps such as many Windows 10 apps or other apps that use the touch screen interface. 
Depending on how you use programs and on what programs you use, object navigation may not be important to you now but it may be at some point and the tutorial discusses and demonstrates it.  Whether you want to learn it now, now you know where to find a discussion and demonstration of it. 
I haven't listened to the discussion and you may have questions.  The tutorial is popular among those learning NVDA.
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Sent: Monday, November 06, 2017 2:48 PM
Subject: [nvda] Another NVDA question

Could someone please tell me--or tell me where in the manual to find:

Back when I was using jaws, I could turn on the "JAWS Cursor" and look all
over the screen--or maybe the current window.  How can I get that effect in
NVDA.  Many times  programs will give me a screen full of info and then just
let me tab around a two or three button dialog:  "yes, no, or cancel".  I'd
sometimes like to read the question before I answer it.

Thanks, anybody.

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