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Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Hi, Howard,
You will need NVDA's browse mode to move freely around the screen.
NVDA + space bar toggles between focus mode and browse mode. You can tell you are in browse mode when you hear a high "pip" sound. When you are in focus mode you will hear a dropping "chopping" sound. A good idea is to turn on keyboard help with NVDA +1 Then try NVDA+ space bar and listen to what it describes as you repeat it a few times.

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NVDA-b reads a dialogue. NVDA-numpad 7 changes review modes, sometimes screen review will read things, sometimes it won't. The next thing to look into, if neither of those work for you, is object navigation.

On 11/6/2017 14:48, Howard Traxler wrote:
Could someone please tell me--or tell me where in the manual to find:

Back when I was using jaws, I could turn on the "JAWS Cursor" and look
all over the screen--or maybe the current window. How can I get that
effect in NVDA. Many times programs will give me a screen full of
info and then just let me tab around a two or three button dialog:
"yes, no, or cancel". I'd sometimes like to read the question before
I answer it.

Thanks, anybody.

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