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When you restart nvda. go to run and type
%temp% and enter. Look in there for the old nvda log. it will have old in its name. look upwards from the bottom in something like note pad to see what the error is, if there is one. However set the logging level to debug and that will ensure any log you get will have the maximum detail in it. If you do find errors etc, then save tat log to your doc folder to keep it safe and come back and maybe paste the important part to a message as there are people here who may be able to help resolve the issue. It could be lots of things, but I'd not want to speculate.
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Running NVDA 2017-3 on a Win 10 64 bit Fall Creator edition laptop.
On what seems to be a random thing on numerous occasions when I hit the windows key to open up the start menu NVDA simply goes away. I have no speech and hitting insert n to open the NVDA UI does nothing. Is there a way to capture what is happening to NVDA? Under the nvda tools menu view log only shows what I think is the restrt of NVDA when I start NVDA again with control alt n.

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