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I'm a newbie at Seamonkey myself, but I can open the email portion of it by pressing ctrl+2. I believe ctrl+1 goes to the web browser.

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On 3/5/2016 12:44 AM, laura cornwell wrote:
about cmunckeyit's work great I just installed it I like it for the web brouser and it can used as a email program as well how do you get your email. useing it?

On 3/4/2016 8:19 PM, valiant8086 wrote:

I just went and installed Seamonkey from scratch here, It's been a long time since I used it since I always use Thunderbird portable. Ensure that you're downloading from:

I'm using jaws at present, but Seamonkey is very similar to Thunderbird and thus rather screen reader friendly for the most part. I'm writing this with it, and this is my first message so hopefully it works. The version I have is 2.39. I wonder if there could be an add-on or interface setting that has made it go all wonky. Did you try redownloading it, are you sure you're downloading from the official site, which appears to be that which I linked above?

Worse come to worse, Thunderbird will do most everything Seamonkey does with no necessity to relearn anything, it is almost exactly the same just no web browser built right in. But I think you can fix it by uninstalling Seamonkey and perhaps deleting your settings folder for Seamonkey so it starts from scratch.
Press windows key+r, type %appdata% and press enter. When the folder opens, find Mozilla and open it. Now find Seamonkey and delete that puppy. Btw, don't hold me responsible if that breaks something else even though it wouldn't make sense for it to do so. Of course, I'd recommend uninstalling seamonkey then deleting that after uninstallation, then reinstall, hopefully if it is a setting that's the problem the setting in question is not stored in the registry?

Good luck and enjoy setting that all up from scratch again! And yes, don't forget about Thunderbird. I've been using it for years, it doesn't seem like it should be too awfully hard a call to switch to that given how similar they are. Granted, I would submit that it shouldn't be necessary, Seamonkey should work fine, definitely is for me.

Lisa P Geibel wrote:
Hi Vincent,
Sorry, we also have the latest version of JAWS, but it won't read anything with that either. Very perplexed by all of this and disappointed in myself. Thanks for all your help. Can't even remove the program and put it back on as it reads the same as the install did. Can't restore the computer to an earlier time before the problems started. Looks like I'm just stuck.

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On 3/4/16 9:30 AM, Vincent Thacker wrote:

Sorry, I wasn't quite accurate in my last mail,, but you found the menu
items anyway. In Seamonkey, go to View Menu, then Show / Hide, then
press the right arrow key to start the submenu with the various toolbars
that you can show or hide. There is a further submenu for Website
Navigation, which you can again reach by pressing the right arrow key.

From the main menu bar, for example, if you are at Bookmarks, the
submenu should appear if you press the down arrow. I have no idea why
items are not being spoken by NVDA.

It may be that some settings have got corrupted , in which case it would
be an idea to remove Seamonkey and start again. If NVDA is otherwise
working OK, this may be the best option. I remove programs with Revo
Uninstaller, which looks for relevant files all over your PC, and so may
remove any corrupt material.

To get the current version of seamonkey, version 2.39, go to:

That link above should start the installer downloading. In Seamonkey or
Firefox, you will get a dialog box asking you to save the file before
you can run it.

Vince in England.

Message Received: Mar 04 2016, 01:38 PM
From: "Lisa P Geibel"
Subject: Re: [nvda] accessible version of Seamonkey?

Hi Vincent,
Thank you for getting back. Yes, menu is checked, but there are about 4
or 5 other things below it that are also checked and it doesn't read
what they are. I know how to get to the view choice when things act
normally, but when I left and right arrow when I'm in the file menu,
I hear is submenu submenu and that's it. Does that help you any? Can
give me any tips on things to have checked or unchecked so it will read
better? Please and thanks?.

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On 3/4/16 8:09 AM, Vincent Thacker wrote:
> Hi, Lisa,
> I've got Seamonkey on my PC, and I don't know what's
happened with
> yours, but it looks much the same as it ever did. I have
> which I believe is the latest.
> I wonder if you have menus turned off. Hold down the Alt key
until you
> can find out what's there. If you can get to the View menu,
> Toolbars and make sure that menus are on.
> A shortcut to save a favorite or bookmark is Control key
plus D.
> If you have Firefox and Thunderbird, you have most of
Seamonkey in
> another form, really.
> Hope that's some help.
> Vince in England.
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> From: "Lisa P Geibel"
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> Subject: [nvda] accessible version of Seamonkey?
> Hi,
> My husband and I are both totally blind and use a Windows 10
> with NVDA. I use Thunderbird for my mail client and he used
to use
> Seamonkey until something happened and we had to reinstall
it. I got
> 2.93 and it is very different than the older one he had as no
> keys such as alt b to add to favorites or ctrl l to open a
URL work.
> It's only reading things like button and such. The install
was a
> nightmare and he had to do it as the only choices were
button and alt
> button. Please help with finding an accessible version since I
was the
> one that messed it up on him? Thanks.
> --
> Lisa
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