Re: [libreoffice-accessibility] GPII DeveloperSpace for a11y technology - useful resource?

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Are you saying Open Office is better than Libra Office? I've not seen much activity on Open office recently but there does seem to be some on Libra Office.
Ideally nvda should offer in both of these the same level of access that you get in Microsoft Office, but just now there are several show stoppers stopping it adding a browse mode or a read to end of doc function very easily to name but two things.
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I think this is great! I was also wondering, since OpenOffice is
extremely, incredibly, accessible, and since LO can take code from
OpenOffice, can't LO just take the accessibility information OO gives
and kind of port it over?

On 11/6/2017 7:04 PM, Thorsten Behrens wrote:

just came across - self-describing as the
"one-stop place to find resources, components and people to conceive,
develop, test and market novel accessible solutions".

Anyway, perhaps a useful place to network, and/or find some
inspirations? They also have mailing lists
(, this one looks worth


-- Thorsten

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