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Quentin Christensen

Hi Tony,

Do you have sluggishness using NVDA with the default eSpeak NG voice?  NVDA should be able to use most SAPI 5 voices.  Microsoft Anna is a voice that Microsoft included with Windows 7 and should definitely work.  If you have commercial software installed which comes with other SAPI 5 voices, it's possible NVDA may see those but the voice might give an error when you try to use it.  I've encountered this with programs such as Zoomtext and Talking Typer.  The issue with those is they install the voices as standard SAPI 5 voices, but then restrict them so that they won't work if being used by a program other than the one they came with.

Otherwise, do you have any other programs running which may want to use the SAPI 5 synthesizer?  NVDA can run into problems if another program is trying to use the same synthesizer at the same time (if they are both running, even if both are not trying to speak at once).  The workaround is to set one program to use a different synthesizer.

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On Sun, Nov 5, 2017 at 5:57 AM, Tony James <megatronjames@...> wrote:
Hi, a while ago I posted about not being able to use SPAI5 with nvda.  last week I had to launch narrator because nvda was being sluggish and narrator started without a single problem.  I ran it again a few minutes ago without a single hitch.  narrator is set to use anna, but i can't seem to use this voice with any other programs.  does anyone no whats going on?

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