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I need my navigational sounds, unless FF put in their own optional sounds this seems a retro step, as page fully loaded and download finished are very important in my view.
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In preperations for firefox 57 I decided to look at updating addons that should get updates.

The first 2 casualties to be hitting the screens are addons for better privacy and classic theme restorer.

A third possible is navigational sounds which is a pitty, it doesn't work but the addon is still in firefox but not updated as yet.

Noscript is being ported to the new web framework.

Ublock, https everywhere etc work and privacy badger still works.

While looking through things there is a descussion on noscript authors about the upgrade to the next firefox.

A lot of apis will not be there till launch and more may get added who knows.

Not sure about waterfox but its supposed that a lot of the ports will probably sease to function after 57 goes out.

The plans with mozilla is to upgrade their stuff so its compatible with chrome and make it as close to chrome as possible so they can share information, some addons can run on firefox from chrome though firefox has a better engine.

It does appear we may get a bit of suckyness but if scheduals work as they do we should see things go up and up as they go.

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