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Tis should not happen though as the active window should always be the top one surely?
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It's possible too that your active window was hidden behind another
window. Since you had word open with a blank document, it's likely they
were seeing that window, and the notepad window you had open working was
hidden behind one or more other windows. This happens to me all the time
when I ask for sighted help, the first thing the sighted help needs to
do is move all the windows around until they find the window I'm working
in. It's likely you experienced something similar.

On 11/7/2017 7:43 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
It could be you have some windows (like WordPad maybe?) set quite
small. NVDA can still work with it, but visually your sighted
colleague might only be able to see the ribbon etc. If you press
WINDOWS+UP ARROW it should maximise the current window to take up the
full screen.

If you often work with a sighted colleague and would like them to be
able to better tell where NVDA is working with the focus, you could
install the "Focus highlight" add-on which draws a coloured box around
the object which currently has focus. It doesn't change how NVDA
works but can make it easier for sighted users sitting next to you.

You can install that by pressing NVDA+n to open the NVDA menu, then T
for tools then go down to "Add-on manager" and get add-ons.

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If you get a sighted person to disable nvda or turn it off does
the screen then work. I guess what I'm saying is, is this a driver
issue or an nvda issue. I have noted that for example the place
you are reading in a web page is often not on screen as nvda is
working from its own buffer, but not whole programs being hidden.
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I use Windows 7, 32 bit with NVDA 2017.1

The situation always happens when I open many things at the same
time and go to each of them using Alt + Tab. When I back to
WordPad, nothing appear on my screen, but everything works well
with screen reader.

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