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N2 It, or however it's spelled, the people who made Quickin, which by the way, was an accessibility nightmare, are the same people who make Quickbooks.
I have actually seen an audio demo, though I don't remember where, floating around of Quickbooks 2016, and though it was being used with JAWS, not NVDA, no scripts were needed, or anything.
From what I hear, Quickbooks at least back about 2 versions ago was ridiculously accessible! In fact, I don't remember there being much that wasn't! accessible within the software.
So, I would say, the likelyhood of this working is extremely extremely high.
Just for you all's information, there is! another good opoensource accounting software, which is available on the Mac, Windows, and even Linux. I think it's the most accessible from what I hear on Linux, but, you might wanna still try it on Windows. I've never done so, but there's a possibility it might work.
The software is called GNUCash.
That's G N U, then the word cash, like C, A, S, H, all ran together as one word. No hyphen, or anything.
Christopher Gilland
Co-founder of Genuine Safe Haven Ministries

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I don't know but our charity is now using this software  and the chair is
visually impaired.
 So if anyone can tell us a good route to go, then please do so. I'm sure I
saw talk on this on the add ons site some months back but it was not an
issue then.

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> Good morning everyone.
> I have a client who has just lost most of her vision. She worked as an
> accountant and used a program called quick books. In my experience we have
> had terrible success with screen readers and accounting software in the
> past. Does anyone know if this has changed. Can NVDA be made to work with
> quick books? If not, is there any accounting software that will work with
> NVdA, or any other screen reader? Thanks for any help you can give.

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