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Well the legacy addons are changing to web extentions like chrome is now but the interface is more powerfull.

For me better privacy is gone and also classic themes are gone.

These are no biggies.

Navigational sounds is gone and I really liked that.

The big thing noscript is a hybred in transition to upgrade, ublock is not listed as legacy, neither is privacy badger and https anywhere which are the other 2 I use.

Sadly the navigational sounds stuff is not duplicated in any other addon.

So I suggest before you say its a show stopper you search for items that are going to work.

As another example this is no different from apple switching from 32 to 64 bit apps.

We had time to upgrade our apps and or find what didn't work.

When I switched to 64 bit I found about 5 apps didn't work, my nokia software, graille to the thief, 2 versions of soundrts, and silent steel.

None of these were exactly show stoppers, the nokia one well if I need to run that one, I think I can buypass it or run that in a 32 bit vm or another 32 bit system its not like I need to bother to much the only things I would need a sightling to do is to get the files for talks onto another folder to run if I ever got a new device and to be honest its more than likely with the way things are going with skype, and communications in general as well as what I do with sonnar that I am going to be pushed to a touch device of some description, probably apple for its access and the fact I don't need to modify my device though who knows.

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So how come whe I downloaded it and installed it it just said unknown. the checkboxes had not been touched at all?
I think this is the main problem. some get it to work while others say only its menus do not also of course the show stopper for me is add ons as well.
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I just upgraded to beta 14 of Firefox 57 to get a first-hand impression of
the slowness, or performance issue, that seems to be plaguing early
adopters. While I agree that it seems to be slower where page loading and
general responsiveness are concerned, I also find that stability and
reliability are great, including complex web pages. It takes some getting
used to but isn't altogether an unpleasant experience as it is quite

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Very interesting article:


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