Re: Does anymone have experience with editing google docs on the web with NVDA?

Michal Rada

Hi, do you using Google Docs with NVDA and Chrome?

Sadly, i have problem. If I run Docs in Chrome browser, content of document isnt spoken, but it speaks "about:blank" everytime i press any key.

I tried switch off and switch on screenreader support, but it does not works.


Dne 8.11.2017 v 10:09 Sylvie Duchateau napsal(a):

Hi Michal and all,

Thank you for all your tips.

I don't want to use google docs with Jaws as I use Jaws as a demo and only when I have to, as NVDA is my favourite screen reader.

I did not know the shortcuts you mentionned, they are not listed in google's short cuts I looked at. I will try them.

For your information, google docs works fine when you activate screen reader support with ctrl+alt+Z and braille support.

I also tried it with chrome and it works good with NVDA.

Thanks again, I will try all this.



Le 07/11/2017 à 17:51, Michal Rada a écrit :
And, sure, there are answers to your questions:

1) - try combinations ALT+SHIFT+A, then H, then N - it works. It calls command separratelly by menu levels (Accessibility menu, then Headings, then Next).

2) Try ALT+ENTER - it works for me. But as I say before, try to use headings list by ALT+SHIFT+T, then O. This displays tree with navigation, you can move by arrows up and down and ENTER to jump to heading in document.


Dne 7.11.2017 v 17:34 Michal Rada napsal(a):

Yes, i working with google office in my office :-D

Documents, Slides and Sheets are fully accessible with Jaws, you must enable accessibility support by keystroke ALT+CTRL+Z, but, it works only in Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers does not work properly.

There are some tips for using documents.

* Moving classical by arrow keys, but CTRL+arrows works too.

* There are many keyboard shortcuts for navigation and using these apps, look here

* There are basic tips and guides - look here

* Verry usefull tip is moving by headings - it works with keystrokes ALT+SHIFT+T and O

* Menus are accessible with ALT+SHIFT+letter - for example ALT+SHIFT+F for File menu, etc.

* And, if yoy focussed menu, try TAB and SHIFT+TAB to move to other important controls, tool bars, quick document bar, etc.

Try it, with Firefox its great.


Dne 7.11.2017 v 12:08 Sylvie Duchateau napsal(a):
Hello all,
I am actually working with somebody on a good structured google doc.
The short cuts list says that you can reach the next heading by pressing ctrl+alt, then n then h.
This is conflicting with the shortcut for starting NVDA.
Going on browse mode and hitting h just goes to the next heading but not to the following.
Do you have any hints on this?
Second, if a document contains a table of content, is there a way to jump to one specific section? Activating a link to this section does not work for me.
thank you for your help.

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