Re: NVDA & Mathematical Notation


Hello All,

         I wouldn't normally do this, but I'm giving this message a "repeat bump" because I fear it may have gotten lost in the deluge of the last day.  If anyone has experiences and/or expertise with NVDA and mathematical texts or any other assistive technology and math texts please chime in.

         My most recent client is a student who is going to be taking a number of statistics classes with a lot of material containing complex mathematical formulae.  I have repeatedly heard that NVDA is by far the best screen reader when it comes to reading mathematical notation correctly.  That being said, I do not know either:

  • how one goes about making NVDA do this
  • what formatting is required in the electronic text, whether online or in PDF files (or whatever), that is necessary for NVDA to work with them

any guidance that's specific to NVDA, or even broader information regarding dealing with mathematical notation assistive technology, would be much appreciated.  Any non-NVDA info can be taken off list, if that's required, but this is such a peculiar niche that pulling in as much information as possible would be good for future readers of the forum.

I have to believe that, no matter how good any of the screen readers or the like have gotten, that there will be occasions where a real, live human reader is going to be necessary to deal with certain texts, particularly those only available "on paper."  I've yet to find anything, e.g. OpenBook or the like, that can "snap" math texts and create anything functional from anything other than the bits of regular text between the math.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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