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I think they misunderstand open source. So they won't use Firefox then and various other programs. I think the point is their system needs to be secure in the first place. I'm sure many countries do use NVDA in libraries and I'd dispute its any less secure than many other programs open source or not. Tools exist nowadays to crack open any software so really they seem to be a bit out of date and maybe a bit complacent about their existing security as well in the current climate of criminality.
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Hello All. Today, I was at our monthly technology meeting at a public library here in Victoria, British Columbia, and NVDA was one of the screen reading options discussed to a new participant who had low vision. However, the tech at the library looked at it, and he told the group that it was less secure, and they commented that it was better for home use, rather than in corporate environments. Would NV Access staffers like to comment on this issue, and what can be done to address this issue? Because they were going to settle on the Window-Eyes for office option back when it was being updated, but as we all know it got discontinued and they did look at Window-Eyes as an option and they were more in favour of it due to it not being Open Source. They also did have JAWS for a time but got rid of it due to lack of training and they would have had to spend money to get somebody from FS to train them on it. Any suggestions you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Sky.

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